Ursula Benjamin is an internationally published writer and creative.


Many, many moons ago she studied at Goldsmiths College, University of London.


She now lives in the Pays de La Loire, France, where she employs many and varied displacement activities (kettle polishing among them) to avoid sitting down to write.


She is currently working on a sequel to her most recent book, The Soul Midwife, published by Sontheil Press.


what she loves to do

She writes.

This is what she loves to do. Publishing books - well -  that's a horse of a completely different colour.


She also enjoys connecting people to people.

There are so many individuals out there with knowledge of traditional and modern artisinal and crafting and recycling techniques. Ursula enjoys putting them together with those who want to share this knowledge.



Ursula has written books in varying genres and under different pseudonyms. Her work of magical realism,  The Source was published internationally and translated into 10 languages.


Her most recent novel was published in May 2017 is a Victorian Gothic Novel called The Soul Midwife.